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Carolina Blue Painting - We Strive For Excellence

Whether you have an older home that needs some aesthetic updating, just purchased a new home, or own a commercial building, there is only one standard of service with Carolina Blue Painting. We strive for excellence. Our mission is to help you transform your home into a masterpiece through the use of color, texture and various faux finishes. For the commercial property owner, we desire to help you maintain a clean and professional-looking office setting.

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Carolina Blue Painting is a locally owned and operated company based in Flanders, New Jersey. The current owner of Carolina Blue Painting acquired the painting business several years ago from a local contractor. He has since put his heart and soul into creating a top-notch service that has resulted in happy and satisfied residential and commercial customers. In fact our performance is measured by the pride our customers experience once the project is complete, as well as the referrals they provide to us

Painting is one of the most versatile ways you can improve the look of your living or office space. It's also a great way to express your personality.

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