Top 4 Painting Trends For Brick Exteriors in 2023

Top 5 Painting Trends For Brick Exteriors

What Is The Best Color To Paint Brick Exterior, and How To Modernize it?

Is Brick out of Style?

Manufacturers use types of sand or glass to coat the surface of today’s bricks. Paints adhere well to this, but it’s difficult to remove. Therefore, if you’re painting brick, you must choose your paint color carefully.

Paying attention to the painting trends for brick houses is a part of this, but it’s not everything. If you’re asking questions like “What is the best color to paint brick exterior?” or “What colors look good on a brick house?” read on. You’ll learn about three recent painting trends and how to use them on your brick home.

1. Black

A lot of people painted their homes monochromatic black this past year. Most may believe this can make a house look dark and depressing. However, this color has some surprising advantages.

Are you asking “How do you modernize the exterior of a brick house?”? If so, the best brick colors for you may be shades of black, as most consider this color highly modern. It also makes the colors of the greenery surrounding your home look more colorful.

On top of this, black can easily cover up any signs of age and damage on your bricks. Just be warned that black absorbs heat well. If you live in a hot climate, you may want to choose another color.

If black is a bit much for you, it can be used as an accent that will look beautiful. Consider choosing shades of white and gray with shades of black for door, window trim, soffits and porch railings. This color arrangement will most definitely modernize the exterior of a brick house.

2. Blue

Greens, blues, and blue-greens are trendy shades this year, both inside and outside the house. Unlike black, blue allows some of the natural texture of brick to shine through. It can also be bold, depending on the shade or tint.

If you want your home to stand out, consider going for the more extreme ends of the tint or shade spectrum. Something in between this will look more neutral. It won’t capture the eye as easily, but it should still offer blue’s natural advantages.

3. Gray

Grays are the best paint colors if you want a home that blends in. These paints will smooth out the textures on your brick a bit, but not too much. Dark gray is also a good alternative when a homeowner doesn’t want to go straight to black.

Gray can also pair well with almost any other color. You can easily hire professional painters to paint the trim on a gray brick home, green, blue, etc., which should perfectly complement the primary color. Just be careful not to try and pair dark colors with light colors, as that may cause too much contrast.

4. Earth Tones

Earthy tones never seem out of style, as many people do not want to go too bold and like the more simple earthy vibe. Greens, browns and even shades of maroon can make an instant impact. While keeping the tone down with earthy colors, you may want the accents to stay within the same color family.

Let Us Add the Latest Painting Trends for Brick on Your Home

If you’re unsure how to use the latest painting trends for brick, walk around your neighborhood. Get inspired by the ways your neighbors have painted their homes. You can also easily get answers to questions like “Is painted brick out of style?” and “How popular is painted brick?” this way.

Also, after you’ve chosen the best paint colors, consider hiring our painting services. Our professional painters provide both interior and exterior painting services for your home. Get a free quote by filling out the form on this webpage.