5 Top Tips For Choosing Art for Your Home

5 Top Tips For Choosing Art for Your Home

What should I look for when looking at art?

This article targets homeowners looking for a way to improve their space. These tips can help homeowners save money when buying art and find something that works for them.

If somebody asks you, “what makes a home great?” what answer can you give them? If you say the furniture, you’re wrong. It’s not the design of the house either.

Art makes a home great because it gives it character.

Two houses can have similar designs, but one stands out because it has unique elements that are an extension of the homeowner’s personality.

However, choosing art for your home can be challenging because you have to consider the budget, taste, size, and other factors, such as whether you have children or pets that could break antique pieces.

How do I choose the right art?

 1. Define your focal point

Before you buy art for a room, identify the focal point. When you enter a room, the thing that draws your attention the most is the focal point. When choosing art, you must be careful not to have two focal points because they can be too much for the audience. Your visitor won’t know what to look at, and as a result, they won’t get to enjoy it the way you wanted them to.

If the room already has a focal point, such as a chandelier or a uniquely painted wall, don’t buy a huge painting. Instead, invest in something more subtle so that visitors can take time marveling at the contents of that room.

 2. Buy something that inspires you

Please don’t rush into buying paintings because your home needs them. Being rash can cost you. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a picture you do not like. Then, to get rid of it, you give it away to a relative or sell it at half price during a garage sale. That’s money wasted that you can’t recover.

Take your time to look around. Visit art shows and galleries. Find deals online. Look for a painting that evokes some emotion in you. Alternatively, you can look for something to complement the room’s décor. For example, if the room’s colors are black, white, gray, or tan, you may want to stick with pieces with the same colors.

5 top tips for choosing art for your home

3. Consider the size

The size of the art depends on the room. You can go for small paintings for smaller spaces like the bathroom or bedroom. On the other hand, the living room and hallway are perfect for large art pieces. Measure the width and height of your wall and invest in a painting that takes up roughly two-thirds of that wall area.

If you’re hanging a painting over furniture, it should be at least six inches above the sofa or console table. A picture that’s too small can make the room feel incomplete. Therefore, make sure you always find the appropriate size.

 4. Meet and socialize with local artists

In most art galas, the artist is usually present to explain their work to interested parties. If you love the artist’s work, engage them and get to learn more about their style. Find out what drives them to create such magnificent pieces. If you show genuine interest in an artist, they can reciprocate by showing you incomplete works in their studio.

When you focus on the artist, you learn about what they can handle, which makes it easier to commission a custom painting. If the picture exceeds your budget, you can also agree on a payment plan with the artist.

 5. Go easy on the vintage and antique stuff

A vintage item may be something you grew up with or inherited from your parents when you left home. It’s reminiscent of a moment in your life. Before adding that vintage lamp to your living room, ensure it’s in good working condition.

An antique can be furniture or household items that are more than one hundred years old. You find these in antique shops or junkyards. Sometimes even in garage sales. An antique piece can complement the room if you’re going for a retro look.

Final Thoughts

When choosing art for your home, consider the above tips. However, you don’t have to stick to what you read. Sometimes you see something that gets your attention. It isn’t the same color as anything in your house, but it feels unique. Thus, the decision to buy it doesn’t have to be rational. Sometimes, it can be based on instinct.

Are You Ready To Begin?

After utilizing these tips for choosing the best art for your room, have you considered the wall you will be placing it on? For example, a beautiful new picture will not have the best effect if placed on a wall that needs an update.

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