6 Décor Tips for Your Large Living Room

6 Décor Tips for Your Large Living Room

Confused How To Decorate Your Large Living Room?

From having gatherings to dining with loved ones, living rooms play a vital role in the home. Therefore, your living room should be stylish and presentable at all times. But decorating a large living room can be as difficult as decorating a limited space. The challenge of filling it up while making it look chic at the same time may seem overwhelming. But worry not- these six décor tips will make your large living room design-savvy:

• Colors, Mix and Match

Mixing and matching your colors and patterns will create a cohesive look in your large living room area. To do this, break up the colors with multiple shades. While muted colors alone create a cozy feel, combining them with whites and neutrals creates warmth and makes the room more vibrant. Also, ensure that the décor in the room complements the color on the walls.

• Decorations, Group Items Together

A single vase or frame could easily get lost in a large space. However, arranging three vases or frames together makes them more noticeable. When your décor items are bigger, they can be viewed as a whole.

• Arranging Furniture, Keep The Furniture Close

When the furniture is scattered across a large living room, it will be hard for two people to enjoy a conversation as they will feel like they have to yell to talk to each other. However, if the furniture is kept close together, it creates a feeling of intimacy. Abstain from pushing furniture against the wall as this creates an awkward look. Ideally, furniture should be within three feet of each other.

• Filling Empty Spaces, Designate Areas

Creativity will help you utilize the space in a large living room. If you designate areas for certain activities, then you will most likely use up the entire room. For instance, you may choose a conversation area, gaming area, dining area, or even a reading area. This will allow you to maximize the entire space.

• Use Creative Lighting

Lighting can make a difference in any room. Although a large living room is well-lit during the day, dark corners can be particularly scary at night. However, adding three or four lamps will bring more lighting to the room and eliminate darkness.

• Layer Up

Add huge curtains and rugs to make the living room even cozier. Baskets can be able to add more texture in the room and absorb sound. Additionally, a few accessories can soften up the entire look. This will give the living room character and make it visually appealing.

Your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, it is best to let your living room reflect who you are. These amazing décor ideas will add a lot of style and practicality to your space. Jumpstart your creativity and re-imagine your space. Then take any of these ideas and make a difference.

Are You Ready To Start Creating and Decorating?

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