8 Tips to Maximize Small Office Space

8 Tips to Maximize Small Office Space

Making the Most of Your Small Office Space

Even though telecommuting and remote work are rising in popularity, having a physical office still holds many invaluable benefits regarding communication and collaboration. When your space is on the cozy side, however, you might feel like a costly and time-consuming move to a larger office is inevitable. Fortunately, most businesses can take several steps to make their smaller space significantly more comfortable.

Here are a few ideas to consider implementing to maximize small office space.

Tips To Maximize Small Office Space

Flexible Components

Larger offices typically have separate spaces for day-to-day work and meetings, but there are ways to combine these spaces efficiently. Look at desks and tables on wheels, which let you turn your main workspace into a meeting space in just a minute or two.

Furthermore, movable components let you adjust your workflow without having to redesign your space. As new projects come in and your needs for collaborative work change, portable fixtures will better equip you to adjust on the fly.

Hot Desking

In the past, giving workers a dedicated space was often unavoidable, as desktop computers, telephone equipment, and paper products took up considerable space. However, since many of us now mostly work using do-it-all laptops, the concept of hot desking, where workers don’t have a dedicated space, has taken off.

Consider setting up external monitors and keyboards using docks to let workers plugin and get started in seconds and work as impromptu teams as needed. If you still need desktop computers, consider moving to cloud-based operations to let workers sign in on any computer. A simple user authentication system and network-attached storage may be all you need.

Think Vertically

When it comes to seemingly cramped offices, the most underutilized element is the walls. You can cut back on bulky file cabinets and other office components that consume valuable floor space by installing tall shelves. Look at wall organization solutions for commercial and residential settings and use higher parts of your shelves for archiving documents.

Freshen Up the Space

There is nothing more valuable than freshly new painted walls. Not only does a fresh coat of paint that is properly primed keep out moisture and prevent mold and mildew buildup, but it also repels dust, dirt and allergens from your walls.

In addition, using the right colors can genuinely maximize small office space, perhaps not in actual square footage, but certainly can make it appear larger.

Did you know that a newly repainted office increases productivity? Yes, it does, and this is a massive benefit for your company.

Declutter Regularly

If you worry that your space is too small, look to see how clutter accumulates over time. For example, a shared desk space that’s relatively clean might seem spacious, yet one that’s slowly being overtaken by chaos can feel confining.

Make frequent decluttering a part of your weekly schedule. By staying on top of clutter, you can ensure employees feel they have plenty of space to stretch out when needed.

And remember, there can be crumbs from that granola bar an employee decided to eat while at their desk, and we all know how quickly ants can come, which may result in the need for pest control services.

Go Paperless

Going completely paperless might not be possible for most offices, but eliminating paper can help you cut back on wasted space. Consider investing in off-site data backup to keep copies of critical documents or renting storage space to keep must-have but infrequently accessed paper.

Manage Your Cables

Cables are one of the more subtle and easy-to-overlook forms of wasted space. Over time, cords can form a space-hogging knot that takes up considerable space. Use cable grommets and zip ties to cut back on wasted floor space, and pick up some labels to make cables easy to use and adjust.

Consider that aesthetic considerations make a big difference in a confined space, and simple cable organization can give your office a cleaner look.

Focus on Your Lighting

Lighting won’t make your space more extensive, but studies consistently show that a well-lit area feels larger and more inviting. If possible, let in as much natural light as needed; an uncovered window helps workers think that they are not trapped in a box. Consider LED track lighting to provide ample illumination, and look into recessed LED lights if your vertical space is also limited. Saving even a few inches of headroom can make a world of difference.

Suppose you feel the walls are creeping in while in the office; take advantage of one of your most valuable assets: your employees. Your office workflow is unique, and those who show up every day likely have some excellent ideas to implement. So set up a task force and view redesigning your space as an investment; it will pay off over time.

To Maximize Small Office Space, Are You Looking to Freshen Up the Walls?

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