Brick Staining and How To Maintain its Beauty

Brick Staining and How To Maintain it's Beauty

Maintain the Beauty of Your Exterior Brick with Stain

Are you aware brick staining is an option?

If your home has brick on its exterior, it is more likely than not that it will need refreshing after several years. After all, you want it to maintain its classic and elegant beauty.

Over time, exterior brick can lose its appeal when it becomes discolored, or its color fades completely. Many people choose to paint their exterior to improve the appearance.

However, another fabulous option is to stain the bricks.

The Ability to Have Stained Brick

If there is not a sealant on your current exterior bricks, and they’re starting to look dingy, do not worry, they can be stained and brought back to their former beauty and life.

If a sealant is present, the sealant will need to be removed before you can stain. If not removed, the stain will not adhere to the existing brick, will leave streaks, with the end result being a disaster.

Bricks must be tested for sealant before you start to stain them. This will ensure you can proceed and get the best results.

Most homeowners cannot differentiate between bricks with a sealant and those without. Hiring a professional painting and staining contractor who provides brick services for both interior and exterior is crucial to let you know.

The Appearance of Stained Brick

brick staining and how to maintain it's beauty

Staining will revitalize and maintain the natural appearance of your exterior brick, which painting does not do. Paint covers up the natural beauty and texture. The stain will sink into each block and bond to it, giving your exterior a gorgeous, fresh look that you, your family and neighbors will love.

You can apply different shades to the bricks to create a unique exterior pattern and appearance. If you ever want to change the look, you can merely stain over the color with a different color. But do remember, if you applied a sealant, it must be removed first.

The Maintenance Associated with Stained Brick

When you use stain, it ends up absorbed into each rectangular block and gives it a permanent color that will last the lifetime of the brick, so no further maintenance is required.

If you use paint, you’ll need to repaint every three to five years due to fading and peeling.

To prevent damage, you should select a water-based stain for large areas. This type of stain will let water pass through the bricks, so they breathe better. The water-based stain also will help stop debris from getting trapped inside the blocks.

The Value of Stained Brick

When you stain your exterior, you will immediately improve the curb appeal of your home and become proud to show it off to everyone.

Gorgeous, stained brick also will help to enhance the look of the entire neighborhood, which is a definite advantage. Such enhancement will increase your resale value should you decide to place your home on the market in the future.

The look, strength, and durability of a brick exterior became popular with homeowners years ago and continues to remain popular today. So, maintaining your brick with stain will always be worth the expense in the long run.

Is Staining Brick a Good Idea?

If you try this on your own, you may be up for a big challenge. What if the stain does not look the way you had intended, oops! It can end up being a mess and quite costly to fix as well.

So, the answer to this question is, for most homeowners it may not be a great idea. However, its a fantastic idea if you hire the right staining and painting contractor.

Brick Staining? Let’s Bring Your Bricks Back To Life

Contact Carolina Blue Painting to get started bringing you exterior brick back to his natural beauty. Our team of painting and staining contractors is up for the job, experienced, and ready to get started.