How Do I Choose the Right Shade of Gray Paint?

How Do I Choose the Right Shade of Gray Paint?

How To Choose the Right Shade of Gray Paint?

Did you know that painting your front door gray can increase your house value by $6,000? Not only does gray paint look great on the outside of your home, but it also works well in the interior. 

You can create a soft look inside your home by painting the walls light gray or create a dramatic vibe by choosing dark gray. While it may seem easy, choosing the right gray for your home is a challenging task. 

How do I choose the right shade of GRAY paint? Keep reading to learn all about choosing the perfect gray for your house. 

Consider Undertones

An essential consideration to make when choosing shades of gray is the paint undertones. While some grays have a cool undertone, other shades have warm undertones. 

You can find gray swatches with yellow, blue, red, brown, or green accents. While some undertones look good in certain homes, they may not look good in yours.

Even if you find a color swatch of gray that you like, you may be surprised that it looks totally different in your house.

Think About Lighting

Another important element to consider when deciding on a paint color is the lighting in the room. Your lighting will have a definitive impact on how the color looks throughout the day and night. 

Warm lighting, cool lighting, and how much natural light your home gets are all factors that need to be considered.

With warm lighting, grey paint may have more beige undertones. For rooms with cool lighting, gray paint can have bluer undertones. 

Try Samples

Before deciding on a paint color, it is important to test the paint in the room that it will be used. If a color looks great in the store, it might not look as good in the intended room. 

To test paint colors, purchase samples at your local paint or hardware store. With samples, you can compare the colors to see which ones you like best. 

After you pick out a few shades of grey, try painting small sections of your wall. Keep note of how the shades look at different times of the day as the lighting changes. 

Match Your Furniture and Finishes

When choosing a color of gray, do not forget about the furniture and finishes. If you have dark furniture, it may be best to choose a light color gray to brighten the room. 

If you have light-colored furniture, dark gray can create a dramatic look. You also should take into consideration the color of your trim, flooring, light fixtures, and decor accessories. 

So, “How Do I Choose the Right Shade of GRAY Paint?”

If you have been wondering, “How do I choose the right shade of GRAY paint?”, you should have more insight now. While choosing the right gray is difficult, you will love the way it looks in your home if you are patient and follow the tips above.

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