Colors That Boost Home Office Work Productivity

Colors That Boost Home Office Work Productivity

Colors That Boost Home Office Work Productivity

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a large portion of the working population has been working from home. Working from home indeed does have its benefits, but on the other hand, there can be challenges. For one, the kitchen is accessible 24/7, and as most of us love to eat, this may not be good. Other challenges may be working while taking care of the children’s constant needs as they may be home as well.

But beyond these pros and cons of working from home, do you know that the colors in your home office can affect your work productivity?

As scientists believe there is a correlation between color and its effect on us, business marketers continue to use color to best show their brand and increase awareness. So, yes, colors’ inherent qualities do affect us in more ways than you can imagine.

In this article, we discuss the best colors that boost home office work productivity.

Color Psychology

There is a psychology of color. Colors have particular inherent qualities that evoke specific emotions.


Red has always been associated with energy.

The University of Rochester did a study and found that red increases the intensity of our feelings, which increases anxiety and worry. Did you know that red is also thought to increase appetite? Well, since you are now working from home and your kitchen is nearby, red may not be a great wall color choice to have in your home office.

Red does grab attention, but may be better off left on a street sign or on marketing materials.


Blue is known to have a calming effect and lower blood pressure. The University of Texas did a study and found that a blue-green room improved productivity. Despite the tranquil feelings, blue transmits it also stimulates the mind. The consensus is that blue increases work productivity by combining the two, tranquility and stimulation.


The color green has a calming effect. Found in nature and natural surroundings, green puts people in a calm state of mind. Of course, you do not want too much relaxation in your home office; however, adding a few green plants may be just what you need. It is also not a distracting color and will not cause eye fatigue.


Yello is the most vibrant color in the rainbow. So, painting with yellow will create an open and stimulating atmosphere. But, research has shown that yellow should be used in small amounts. Too much can overwhelm the senses. It may seem weird, but experiments have shown that yellow increases the sensitivity to noise in people. 

In another study, Dr. Wright’s Color Affects System; she believes yellow is a great color that sparks creativity and memory. It can help with your brainstorming and creative work. 

So, let’s conclude that yellow is a good color choice if kept to a moderate amount. Painting all four walls yellow may not be the best choice.


Purple has been associated with royalty for centuries and gives the perception of high value and luxury. Therefore, purple is highly used in the marketing of luxury items. 

It is a good choice for a home office as it is believed to heighten mental awareness. As a home office worker, purple may not be the color of choice; however, implementing a bit of it can help you when thinking.


It may surprise you to know that research suggests that orange may be the best color to use around your home office to boost productivity. Think of combining yellow and red, a bit of activity, creating creativity and increasing memory. Orange is a strong color that is either loved or hated, so it can be used accordingly and is a good accent color.

Colors That Boost Home Office Work Productivity, What’s Your Choice?

The color’s inherent qualities, personal preference and cultural norms can influence how a person reacts to colors. However, despite many factors, people, in general, have innate reactions to different hues. So, what will be your color choice for your home office?

We hope we have addressed and provided you with some information regarding colors that boost home office work productivity and the effects. If you have additional questions or concerns, the Carolina Blue Painting professionals are here to help you. We can guide you on which color will work best for your home office based on your preferences and needs.

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