Decorating 101: Simple Rules for Choosing Colors and Finishes

Decorating 101: Simple Rules for Choosing Colors and Finishes

Interior Decorating 101: Simple Rules for Choosing Colors and Finishes

Choosing paint colors and paint finishes for your home can be overwhelming, but a few rules can simplify your choices. Also, remember, while trends and designer colors can be outstanding, choose colors that emphasize your personality and flatter your home.

So, let’s get started with our Decorating 101: Simple Rules for Choosing Colors and Finishes.

Paint Finishes

First, consider the finish. All doors and trim should be high gloss; it is a classic look, wears better, and cleans better.

The flat is most elegant for walls and most forgiving of imperfections. It reflects light that is more skin-flattering, like a photographer’s umbrella.

Consider a good quality washable eggshell for mid-traffic areas such as hallways, family rooms and living rooms.

Consider a satin paint finish rather than eggshell for kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s bedrooms because it resists fading and mildew from growing.

To see a complete guide on paint finishes take a look at this article, 6 Types of Paint Finishes: Guide How To Choose.

Paint Color Types

Now consider whether you want warm or cool colors and how those colors will make the room look, depending on how light the color is.

Dark or intense colors can be bold fashion statements but are risky and can be oppressive.

Light colors tend to make a room seem larger.

Cool colors are calming, while warm colors are cheerful and flatter the skin; it is an old photographer’s studio trick.

To learn more about colors take a look at this article, Room Color Psychology and How Colors Affect Mood.

Painting The Ceiling

Another trick to create the illusion of space in a room is to paint the ceiling one shade lighter than the walls. This requires a painter expert enough to “cut in” the ceiling neatly to hide the line. Go lighter than you think, especially in a small room. The way the walls reflect onto each other makes it look darker.

Furniture Decorating

Finally, think about how your furniture will look with the color you choose and think about how colors in different rooms harmonize visually as you look from one room to another.

Interior Decorating 101 Conclusion

Consider practicality, lightness, warmth, and color harmony to choose colors and finishes that will give you a beautiful result, but remember that many factors can affect how the color looks on the wall. For this reason, it is wise to consult with a professional painting company to be sure to get the results desired.

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