How Lighting Affects Paint Color

How Lighting Affects Room Color

How Lighting Affects Paint Color: Key Home Decor Tips

Are you wondering how lighting affects paint color? If your new paint color seems off, the culprit might be your light bulbs. The type and color of your home’s lightbulbs and lighting fixtures can completely alter paint colors.

Understanding how light bulbs affect paint color is the first step toward choosing the perfect home paint color and lighting. But how does light affect color? Let’s find out!

How Lighting Affects Paint Color

how lighting affects paint color

Light and color are closely related. After all, every color we can see is a representation of light waves. That’s why it’s challenging to see colors when we’re in a dark room. 

But the type and shade of your home’s lightbulbs can also affect the color of your walls. For example, if you’re using incandescent bulbs with a slightly yellow hue, your bright white paint job can appear yellowed and faded.

That’s because the glass bulb is emitting yellow light. This light, when applied to a clean white surface, can cause the surface to appear yellow. This is the same effect achieved by multi-colored party lights.

Of course, bright white LED lights have a very different effect. If you’re concerned about showing off the true colors of your painted walls, you might want to opt for LED lights.

How Does LED Lighting Affect Paint Color?

Many LED lights produce a clean, white light. This can help your paint colors truly come to life. They’ll be brighter, more obvious, and show fewer hue shifts or unexpected shades.

Homes with brightly painted walls might benefit from LED lights, no matter the color. White walls, in particular, tend to look their best when lit with equally white light.

You could also choose to employ a color-changing LED lightbulb. These tend to change colors with the help of remote control or a connected smartphone app. You can have your room’s walls change color at will!

Still, you will want to consider paint colors before jumping to new lighting fixtures and lightbulb types. After all, your choice of paint color is bound to influence your lighting options.

Which Type of Lighting Should You Choose?

The way you paint and light your home’s interior can influence the way you feel while you’re there. Homes with brighter, white-lit spaces tend to give off a modern, clean impression.

LED lights work well in larger spaces and homes and are often paired with furniture or baseboards to produce a subtle lighting effect. You may also use color-changing LED lights to give each room a unique attitude and vibe.

But if repose, retreat, and comfort are more important, you may want to opt for lightbulbs that produce a warmer, slightly more red or yellow light. These bulbs make rooms feel warmer, making them great for bedrooms.

In fact, red light is the best type of light to fall asleep to. Studies have shown that it’s far easier to fall asleep when exposed to red light than to catch some z’s after blue light exposure.

Home Painting Ideas for Different Lighting Conditions

When choosing a new paint color for your home, it’s crucial to consider the type of energy you’d like to feel there. Be sure to consider how color influences psychology and emotion before picking a final array of paints.

For example, red and brown colors tend to work best in areas where it’s crucial to feel comfortable and well-rested. But red also pairs well with yellow and orange for kitchens and dining areas.

On the other hand, blue and green tend to work better for studies, living rooms, and bathrooms. As noted before, the best type of light for each of these colors and rooms depends on your preferences and feelings.

Choose the Best House Painting Services

Now that you know how lighting affects paint color, you can choose the best type of lighting and paint for your home. Brighter, white LED lights can help you achieve a crisp, precise color.

Of course, you can add warmth to your home by opting for yellow-hued lights. But you’ll want to choose a paint color that goes well with this warmer glow. Fortunately, choosing the best house paint is easy!

Are you ready to get that home painting done and achieve the ideal balance between light and color? Be sure to contact us today!