6 Tips: Master Bedroom Renovation Increases Homes Value

5 Tips: Master Bedroom Renovation Increases Homes Value

Renovating Master Bedroom Adds Value to Your Home

Are you aware of the importance of renovating your master bedroom when preparing your home for sale? After kitchens and bathrooms, master bedrooms help sell houses. This article shows what potential homebuyers are looking for in a master bedroom. Think of it as a big closet!

Realtors say appealing kitchens sell homes. Influencers tell us that a pleasant master bedroom suite tugs at a prospective homebuyer’s emotions. At the end of the day, about 50% of potential homebuyers make their final decision on which home to buy based on gut feelings…emotions.

So, it will be worthwhile and add value to your home if you renovate your master bedroom. Master bedrooms are sanctuaries. Keep in mind that the renovation choices should grab the interest of the masses. This means, don’t personalize.

Here are a few great ideas to give your master bedroom a makeover:

Walls and Ceiling

Soft taupe, light blue, off-white, and “greige” are neutral tones for bedroom walls. (Greige is a gray and beige mix.) These are calming colors, which complement any type of décor.

Neutrals may not be your favorite, but prospective homebuyers can easily imagine their furniture and accessories in master bedrooms painted with cool colors.

Ceilings can be painted off-white or the same color as the master bedroom walls.


Hardwood flooring is preferred by the majority of homebuyers. If you have carpeted floors in the master bedroom that are clean and in good shape, you may not have to take on the expense of changing to hardwoods. However, if you have hardwood floors underneath the carpeting, it is recommended to rip up the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors. It will definitely make a huge difference.


Potential homebuyers want a walk-in master closet. If possible, take some space from the adjoining room to enlarge a small master closet. Also, install built-in storage, shelves, shoe holders, etc.


Natural lighting is a must-have on most homebuyer’s lists. You may want to enlarge existing windows and install new, energy-efficient windows.

In addition, you’ll need a ceiling light or chandelier, lamps on bedside tables, or sconces on either side of the bed, and floor lamps if needed.

Reading Nook

Set up a reading nook in the master bedroom. You’ll need a comfortable chair and ottoman, a floor lamp and an end table to store books you want to read next.

Another option is a window seat, with a soft cushion, cozy throw blanket, and decorative pillows.

Wall Art

Depersonalize the walls in your master bedroom. Remove pictures of family, friends, you and your spouse, etc. In its place think nature – mountains, oceans, trees, flowers and so on. Wall art is more appealing to homebuyers than bare walls.

Abstract art with relaxing colors is also suitable and a good way to add splashes of color to neutral walls.

Ready To Start and Increase Your Homes Value?

As we noted first, start with the walls, ceilings and flooring. Let our Carolina Blue Painting team of experts begin fixing the walls and ceiling and start painting. Let’s help you pick that perfect color to increase your home’s resale value.

Now when it comes to flooring. Do you have an existing carpet? Most future buyers would prefer hardwood flooring. So let us get it ripped up and refinish the hardwood floor underneath. Trust in our team. The finished room will be amazing. Now you can start adding the proper lighting, a few pieces of wall art and voila; it’s fantastic.

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