How To Paint Homes Exterior To Make It Last Longer

How To Paint Homes Exterior To Make It Last Longer

Painting a Homes Exterior to Make it Last Longer

Everyone loves a fresh coat of paint on their house. It looks new and adds a pop of color to something bland and dirty before.

That is why so many people hire professional painting services to ensure their home exterior looks polished and presentable.

You may wonder how to paint a home’s exterior to make it last longer. After all, your house goes through harsh weather and natural elements like growing mold and mildew.

Want to know how to make the exterior of your home last? If so, keep reading this post for our helpful tips and tricks. 

Prepare the Surface

If you ask yourself while painting, “How can I make exterior paint last longer?” the first thing to do is prepare the surface. That means going around the entire house and ensure you scrub every inch.

You do not want to paint over dirt and debris. Not only will this provide a rough, bumpy exterior look, but the paint will not stick.

That could lead to chipping and peeling down the road. Not to mention that houses are prime to grow toxic things, like black mold.

You do not want mold or mildew to remain present on the surface of your house due to tot the health risks. For safety and painting reasons, wash the outside of your home. 

Paint in Good Weather 

Never paint in windy or rainy weather conditions. Wind can affect the way paint sticks to the surface of your home, as can water.

You want to ensure that you paint the exterior of your house with clear skies and weather between 60-85 degrees. 

Prime the Surface

One painting mistake homeowners make is not priming the surface beforehand. Primer allows the paint to bond to the surface more efficiently. That way, you reduce the risk of the paint peeling off the walls.

Luckily, many paint brands these days come as a two-in-one solution. That means they mix the primer into the paint, so you don’t have to buy two separate cans. As a rule of thumb, you want to add two coats to the house. 

Choose the Right Exterior House Paint

Choosing the right types of paint goes a long way. If you use paint meant for indoor use, it will peel, fade, and chip quickly.

That is because it does not contain the right solutions to withstand outside conditions. For the best results, search for paint that is 100% acrylic latex. 

Hire Professionals

Painting always seems like a fun DIY project. However, home exterior painting results are best if you hire professionals.

Not only do they know the OSHA rules and regulations, but they have the expertise to know what paint is best for your home. A service will come out, wash your house, apply a few coats of paint, and give you tips on maintaining the exterior throughout the years. 

Hire a Service to Paint a Home’s Exterior to Make It Last Longer 

As you can tell, there are several ways to paint a home’s exterior to make it last longer. After all, no one wants their house to look dirty and unkempt. Pollutants in the air, as well as mold, can accumulate quickly especially on an exterior surface that has not been cleaned and primed properly.

To ensure the exterior stays nice, remember to prime the surface and choose quality paint that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Do you require professional painting services?

If so, Carolina Blue Painting is here to help. Please, feel free to contact us to get a free quote or schedule a painting, and power washing service.