Painting, Decorating Room With Sloped Ceiling

Painting, Decorating Room With Sloped Ceiling

Painting and Decorating a Room with a Sloped Ceiling

Painting and decorating a room with a sloped ceiling can be a challenging task. Here we provide some valuable tips starting with the painting and preparation.

A wide variety of aspects influence a living space’s perceived spaciousness and beauty, including square footage, decorating choices, and sloping of the walls or ceiling. Of these factors, sloped ceilings and walls are often the most challenging issues to handle.

Painting Room With a Sloped Ceiling

Painting Preparation

Before starting to paint a sloped ceiling, the initial preparation is essential to achieve optimum results. The prep is no different than painting flat ceilings and walls. Start by sealing off other areas, protecting the floor, cleaning the sloped ceiling and finally choosing the best type of paint and color.

Light Shades of Paint

Light colors offer the illusion of spaciousness, a feature that usually improves a room’s appearance. Instead of creating cramped quarters by using dark or different colors for the walls, paint them all in the same light hues. Then select white or a shade lighter for the ceiling to optimize the illusion of spaciousness in the room. Keep the walls and sloped ceiling a light color and similar, if not the same. Using too many colors can create a choppy feel.

Decorating Room With a Sloped Ceiling

Now we discuss decorating ideas you can use to enhance the appearance of an irregularly shaped room with a sloped ceiling.

Maximize the Functionality of the Slope

Since a sloped wall and ceiling creates limited access to that area of the room, your options for using it are restricted as well. Instead of expecting to use that space normally, consider building a set of bookshelves along the wall or designing it to showcase a display of colorful plants or decorative artifacts.

Select Streamlined Pieces of Furniture

Since the room’s overall size is affected by the sloping of the ceiling, select smaller pieces of furniture featuring a streamlined appearance. Keeping bulky pieces out of the room enhances your ability to maintain a sense of livability in a space with a built-in defect. Ideally, Place the shortest pieces of furniture closest to the part of the room with the sloped wall and ceiling while putting the taller items on the other side of the room.

Positioning The Bed

Depending on the slants angle, placing the bed under the slope with a low headboard or no headboard and adding pillows allows the rest of the room to open up with more space.

A sloped ceiling limits your options for placing furniture, and it also makes a room appear smaller in most instances. Fortunately, you can use wall coloring, furniture size, and clever ideas to maximize the area while also infusing a hint of spaciousness into the room.

Open It Up

Let the painting professionals at Carolina Blue Painting help you create a spacious room by choosing the right paint color and paint type. By seeking professional help, those who are experienced with rooms with sloped ceilings, you will be surprised at the results. Knowledge and experience are essential when dealing with sloped ceilings. Contact Carolina Blue Painting today.