Fun Painting Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

Fun Painting Ideas for Your Child's Bedroom

Fun Interior Painting Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

If you’ve been thinking about redoing your child’s bedroom, an easy way to update things is with a fresh coat of paint. Painting your child’s room can alter its entire appearance on a minimal budget. You can even paint existing furniture to match your new color scheme. If the furniture is plastic, remember you will have to buy a different type of paint than you would use with wood.

Before you start, note that different colors evoke different moods. Think of the emotional environment you want to create. Color psychology says a lot. For a calm and relaxing environment choose subtle greens and cool blues and for increased energy and stimulation yellow and orange are excellent choices.

Not sure what color and kind of interior painting project you want to do in your children’s rooms? Check out the fun ideas listed here.

Character Shapes and Designs

Character shapes and other kids’ designs on a young child’s wall are so fun and exciting for them.

Start by painting the bedroom a single light color. Position and secure the stenciled cut-out shapes of your child’s favorite character, sport or other. Then paint around the stenciled shape and around the room in the color of choice. When you remove the character or other type of cutouts, you’ll have adorable shapes on the walls your child will love.

Not sure where to get the character shapes and stenciled designs? You can print out small copies at home and cut them out yourself. If possible, print the designs out on thicker paper. If that isn’t possible with your printer, you can tape the cutouts onto thicker paper and cut that out, too, then attach to the walls.

Once you have your character shape or another type of shape, it’s time to have fun painting the inside within the outline of the stencil.

fun painting ideas for your child's bedroom, character shapes and designs

Two Shades of The Same Tone

Having the same color but in different shades is a great idea to achieve any look for all children and their unique interests. Using similar tones will create a balanced look whereas the same color with a drastic difference in tones will create a more dramatic effect.

Trim in a Different Shade

Paint the walls in a light color and trim in a darker shade of the same color or vice versa for a bit of contrast. For example, you could use a pale blue for the walls and a navy blue for the trim, or a baby pink for the walls and a hot pink for the trim. Let your children get involved in choosing the colors to make it extra-special for them.

Stripes and Rainbows

Rainbows and vertical stripes add extra color to your child’s room while stripes simultaneously give the idea of more height. This is an excellent idea for children’s rooms where siblings share. Each child could choose a color, and you can create the colors from those two different colors. Or you can make them multi-color as in a rainbow.

fun painting ideas for your child's bedroom, stripes and rainbows

Primary Color Scheme

Want to get a bold look? The primary color scheme is bright, fun, colorful, and perfect for younger children. Paint each wall of your child’s bedroom in a different primary color. For example, one wall could be red, green, yellow, and then blue. The great thing about selecting the primary color scheme is that many children’s pieces of furniture can match, so it’s easy to pull off if you plan to purchase furniture that matches. And if you want you can paint the furniture white and paint in between the draws and handles with these primary colors.

Ready To Get Started Painting Your Child’s Bedroom?

An easy way to update your child’s bedroom on a limited budget is with a fresh coat of paint. Parents can even paint existing furniture to match the new color scheme if they wish. Alternatively, you can have the bedroom walls painted to match new furniture. The ideas above can help create a bedroom your children are sure to love.

If you are not up to tackling this child bedroom painting project, Carolina Blue Painting is here to do the job for you. We can help you with your color choices and design and can assure you that your child will love their newly painted room. Contact Carolina Blue Painting to get more information and for a free consultation.