4 Hot Trends: Wooden Window Shutters For Interiors

Wooden Window Shutters For Interiors, 4 hot trends

Want To Update With The Hottest New Trend in Window Coverings, Wooden Window Shutters?

Update your windows with gorgeous wooden window shutters. Learn about four different styles that will look fabulous in various types of houses. Whether your home’s architecture is traditional, contemporary, or anything in between, you’ll be able to find stylish or energy-efficient shutters to match.

A marvelous way to update the appearance of your home’s interior is to replace all of your curtains or window blinds with gorgeous wooden shutters. Several styles exist so you can find a perfect match, depending on the design of your residence.

Plantation Shutters

In traditionally styled homes, wooden shutters with louvers that include a center tilt rod to adjust the slats will look fabulous. You can choose to let in as much light as you want or keep them completely closed. Select a white finish for an elegant look or a lovely brown stain that matches the rest of your home’s woodwork for a stylish appearance that everyone will love.

Cafe Shutters

For a European flair, choose shutters with louvers that cover the bottom half of your windows only. This style, once used in many French cafes, offered their patrons a bit of seclusion from the people passing by outside. Such shutters for the home give you the option of privacy on the bottom of each window, while still allowing the sun to stream inside your home from the top. Stay with a natural wood grain or paint them a stunning color to make them a focal point in your home.

Indian Shutters

In homes with rustic or country decor, choose a unique design from the past – rolling shutters. These window shutters, made of solid wood panels, will cover the bottom half of your windows for privacy. When not in use, they slide into a pocket in the wall, entirely disappearing from view. Once used in homes built during the 18th century, these shutters will give your interior a distinctive look that you won’t often see in other homes.

Shaker Shutters

Two solid wood panels that open on hinges will look fantastic in contemporary homes. Choose one coordinating color for your shutters and a chrome or bronze finish for the hardware to give your rooms a sophisticated appearance. Or you can opt for panel colors that match the decor of each room to vary the look. These shutters will completely block out the sun when closed, making them quite energy-efficient.

Shutters are an excellent addition to any home. Their unique appearance will elevate the look of your rooms, and because of their durability, they’ll look gorgeous for many years to come.

Mix-N-Match Them Up

Now that we have provided you a bit of information related to Wooden Window Shutters, for a bit of color, let us paint them for you. We can mix-n-match them up with any of your room’s decor. If you are in need of any other additional types of painting services, feel free to get in touch with us.