Does Painting The Interior Of House Add Value?

Does Painting The Interior Of House Add Value?

Does Painting the Interior of a House Add Value?

Paint Colors That Increase Value

Why is it so many people wait until they’re ready to sell their house to do home improvement projects? When trying to add value, don’t get too carried away. What are the top ways to boost your home’s value

The kitchen and bathrooms are always king, but don’t underestimate the power of a coat of paint. Paint gives the home a fresh new look for a modest investment. 

And a paint job offers a more attractive return on your investment than most other home projects. Does painting the interior of a house add value? Yes! Let’s see why and what colors you should consider. 

What is the Value of Painting a House Before Selling? 

A freshly painted house appeals to the property appraiser as it has a significant effect on the final value of the home. Painting is a practical and inexpensive way to improve the aesthetics of the home and give it a neutral palette that is attractive to a larger group of people. 

You probably love your home painted with your favorite colors, but when it’s time to sell, updated, neutral colors like taupe or greige add value to the home. 

Which Rooms Should You Prioritize? 

Painting the kitchen, bathrooms, and master bedroom in carefully selected colors increases your home’s value. Remember calm colors for the bedroom, neutral in the kitchen, and light colors for the bathroom will get you a better ROI. Prioritize these rooms if you can’t do the whole house. 

The Best Colors to Choose

Neutral colors are warm and inviting. Homebuyers can picture themselves in the home when the paint colors go with just about anything. Let’s look at some of the most popular, timeless neutral colors. 

Benjamin Moore White Dove 

benjamin moore white dove

Many designers choose this paint color because it’s a rich, creamy white. It has slight hints of yellow and works in any room on the walls or trim. 

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter 

benjamin moore revere pewter

This popular color is a gray-beige, nicknamed “greige”. It is a cool gray color warmed up with soft brown undertones. 

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan

benjamin moore manchester tan

Looking for a tan color that goes with most wood tones and just about any decorating style? This is the color for you. It’s a color that warms up a room more than white or cream. 

Does Painting the Interior of a House Add Value? 

If someone asks you, “Does painting the interior of a house add value?”, you can answer yes as long as you do it right. Don’t try to DIY if you’re not an experienced painter. Drips, splatter, and other messes will negate the original purpose of the painting project. 

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