5 Tips: Backyard Fence Makeover & Update

5 Tips: Backyard Fence Makeover & Update

Tips to Transform the Look of Your Fence With a Backyard Fence Makeover

Does your fence look dull and outdated? Do you need a backyard fence makeover?

If you’re tired of seeing the same old, lackluster fence in your yard, it may be time to revamp its look and transform your fence into an attractive focal point or a beautiful backdrop for a stylish, new garden theme.

Here are several ways to dress up your fence and give it the backyard fence makeover it needs.

1. Add a Splash of Color 

Give your fence a new coat of paint to refresh its appearance. Choose a color that complements your landscape.

Bright yellow and turquoise are excellent choices for a garden full of greens and browns. On the other hand, choose neutral but catchy colors, such as rusty red, charcoal or moss green, if you already have a colorful garden.

You may want to use a wood stain if you prefer a natural and rustic appearance, as it can highlight and enrich earth tones. 

2. Create a Pattern

A fantastic way to make your fence eye-catchy is to paint a pattern instead of the usual solid color. For example, you can paint the planks in alternating hues or paint them in thick zigzag lines.

If you want your fence to really stand out, consider using wall painting stencils, which are available in a variety of fun shapes, patterns and sizes. From charming floral designs to rustic and traditional patterns, wall stencils offer myriads of options. Wall stencils enable you to personalize the appearance of your fence and choose your desired paint colors.

You can easily paint over your chosen stencil after applying a fresh coat of neutral paint and leaving it to dry.

3. Craft a Piece of Art

If you’re looking for a unique and artistic design, murals can give your yard a one-of-a-kind look that will make it turn heads in the neighborhood. From personal designs like a favorite travel scene to a memorable book cover or a heartwarming quote, murals offer unlimited choices. However, they usually take a lot of time and specialized skills to accomplish, so you may want to hire a local muralist to do the job professionally for you. Be sure to find an experienced and reputable muralist who offers a reasonable price and can quickly finish the task in one or two sessions only.

4. Increase Greenery

Plant annual or perennial vines near your fence, and allow them to climb over or spread out along the fence. Training vines to climb up your fence takes time, but vines usually double in size in two growing seasons. To achieve vertical growth, put wooden or wrought iron trellises in front of the fence, and train your vines to climb up the trellises. The plants will soon know where to go, and they will start to climb on their own. Vines with lovely flowers include Trumpet Vine, Wisteria and Clematis. If you choose to plant Ivy or Wisteria, be sure that they climb on freestanding iron trellises so they won’t cause damage to your fence.

If you are not handy at landscaping and landscaping design, consider hiring a professional landscape company. It may be well worth it.

5. Accessorize It

Accessorizing your fence is a fun and rewarding activity. Don’t be afraid to combine a few of these methods to achieve the best look for your fence. Get creative and choose decorations that best reflect your personality and complement your home beautifully. With a bit of elbow grease and lots of creativity, you’ll be able to achieve impressive results. 

Give Your Backyard Fence a Makeover Today

Are you in the mood for a backyard fence makeover? If so, you are starting at the right place. First, you need to begin with the basics, painting or staining; then, you can proceed with your decor ideas.

So, can we help you, hope so? Get in touch with our professional painting team to guide you through the painting process, including colors to choose from and more. We are passionate about painting and giving fences and their homes new life. So, let us start the painting process today and give your fence the backyard fence makeover it needs.