Painting & Redecorating on a Budget

Painting & Redecorating on a Budget

Redecorating your home can be more than your budget can allow, but by using paint and a dollop of flair, you can sparkle up a tired room without spending what you can’t afford.

Typically opposition can get in the way of redecorating. So, it becomes worth looking at how that can happen and how to overcome the counteraction.

Accepting Your Budget

Today the temptation to overspend is encouraged by every avenue imaginable. It’s easy to think that to be happy and successful, you have to have not only lots but the best of furniture, accessories and other paraphernalia plus the sleep-eroding debt-worries that go with it.

A sensible approach is required to guide you through the morass of living on credit with your salary used to pay off debt. By early planning, careful budgeting and a willingness to live in the moment you will achieve a comfortable way of life and not be crushed with repayments for large purchases. If you are constantly racing through today to get to tomorrow, next week or “somewhere else” because that’s where you think the solution is, then take a deep breath, sit back, relax and reconsider.

The Right Approach

Once a plan is in place, its systematic execution is what obtains the end product. If you have despaired of ever being able to purchase those Louis XIV chairs or Persian carpets for the front hall, then used that as the reason you live in a drab home, you’re in danger of becoming the effect of your inabilities. You may never be able to afford antiques, but you most certainly do not need to feel you can’t achieve in other ways.

Most of us are not as wealthy as Croesus and never will be. Putting the wants aside and dealing with whats affordable can be just as rewarding,

Painting to Revitalize and For Inspiration

Painting walls do not have to be expensive and can rejuvenate a space. The variety of paint techniques that one can use is endless, and every single creative jolt of juice you have will bring on more inspiration.

The color scheme you choose depends on how brave you are. Many people would love to paint out of the box and try unusual colors such as tangerine or plum, but they are bound by what the family/friends/parents will say; therefore, they’re frightened back into ivory and muted tones. Let loose of your safety net and experiment.

Experimenting with color can be a disaster, but we tend to learn from our mistakes and unless you step out of the norm, how else will you find out if what you thought was perfect was? And perhaps that disaster might turn out to be great after all.

Lets Get Started Painting

How to begin? Start by making a list of what you will need to paint. A long list keeps you focused, suppresses distractions, takes all the thoughts churning in your mind, and puts them onto paper.

In addition, lists allow you to cross off items that are done and create a tangible indicator of progress. Your room won’t be completed in a day — some stages must be accomplished, and by writing down the targets you want to attain, you chop up the whole project into manageable pieces.

Since you are on a budget, start by inspecting the garage, basement and elsewhere to see what brushes, rollers, thinners, paint trays etc you may already have.

Head on out to the local paint store, hardware store, Home Depot etc to get various color samples. This will help you develop a color scheme. Are you going to paint the room all one color or perhaps two or more?

Measure the room; work out estimates for paint and supplies required for the job that you do not have. Remember masking tape, filler for the holes and the other bits and bobs.

Work out what materials need to come out of the room, how and when they will be removed, who’s going to be in charge of the removing and where it will all be stored when the painting is in progress.

Designate an area where the paint, brushes etc will be stored once you’ve bought them. (Nothing rips up a calm demeanor than hunting on paint-day for something bought but put in the wrong place.)

Work out which day you’ll wash the walls, ceiling and skirting boards. Don’t miss this step. Clean walls will protect from future peeling.

Plan the actual painting day.

Plan the return of furniture, hardware and accessories.

Now that you have an idea of what’s involved in painting and redecorating on a budget start at the beginning, work through all the tasks needed, take a break if needed and shortly after get back to dip, paint, dip, paint.

Get Professional Painting Help

If this all seems, painting and redecorating on a budget, a bit overwhelming to you, consider hiring a painting contractor. If you are on a budget start room by room and complete when more funds are available. Get in touch with Carolina Blue Painting to see the painting services we can do for you. As we stated earlier, take a deep breath, sit back and relax, let us do the job for you and keep the stresses away.